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All I ask is that you forever remember me

loving you.

-Sufi Saying

Where do we begin?

After you’ve contacted me for our initial conversation, we will schedule a family meeting. Your core group of family and /or friends will be invited to come together to talk about your loved one, sharing laughter, tears, stories and photos. We’ll discuss your vision of the service we will create together. I've had families tell me they have found this experience to be incredibly valuable, often healing.  

Through sharing in your memories, I will get to know your loved one and experience the importance they have in your life. I will hold what is being said, listening deeply, in order to weave these remembrances into a ceremony that reflects the essence of your loved one’s life.

What can I expect from you?

As your Celebrant, I will lead your memorial from start to finish. I structure the service, coordinate with the funeral home or other location, facilitate speakers and make sure that all the details of your service go smoothly. As we plan, I will be available to you and your family by phone or email and will make sure to keep you informed and updated.

The day of the service, I will arrive early to coordinate with you, other service professionals and involved participants. If you choose to have family and friends share memories at an open mic, I will facilitate that process. You will receive a beautiful print copy of your service.

What can we include in the ceremony?

The ceremony honors your loved one’s life. We include what was important to them in life, and what is important to you as we pay tribute. Many families choose to play their loved one’s favorite songs. Perhaps there is a beloved poem, prayer, blessing you would like read. Maybe there is a ritual that has special significance to your family we could include. I will be able to offer suggestions based on what I learn about your loved one.

Do you write the eulogy?

In many cases, I do write the eulogy based on the stories and memories you have shared with me about your loved one. However, I have also officiated services where a family member or friend has written and delivered the eulogy. We make this decision together, based on your vision for the service.

What are your credentials?

I am an ordained non-denominational minister and a certified Celebrant who has been officiating services since 2009.

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